Our Recycled HD Granules are used as raw material in Blow Moulding production process to :

  • Green HD dana for Manufacture of Green Tree Guards
  • Blue Hd dana for Blue Drum
  • Blue Drum dana for Blue Drum
  • White HD / Milky HD / Yellow HD for Manufacture and Coating of HDPE Pipes
  • Black Hd, Red HD Granules, Blue HD, Green Hd Dana for Blowing Jerry Cans
  • Blowing HD Products
  • Yellow HD, Milky Hd Black Hd, Red HD Granules, Blue HD, Green Hd for HDPE Bags and Sheets

Our Reprocessed PP Granules are used in Injection Moulding production process to :

  • Red PP, Green PP, Blue PP for Injection Moulding Articles like Bucket
  • White PP, Milky PP, Black Pp for Injection Moulding Articles Tubs, Dustbin
  • Natural PP, Glass PP, Dull natural dana for Injection Moulding like Glass, bathroom table, Jug
  • Red Chair dana, Green Chair Granules, Blue Chair Granules for Injection Moulding Chair, Tables, Stool
  • Flaoter PP, Natural PP, Milky PP, Yellow PP for manufacture of Speciality Mats
  • Red PP, Green PP, Blue PP, Violet PP for manufacture of Household Mats