We Manufacture HD Granules and Other related products with Strict Quality Control and using state-of-the-art processes. Our HD Granules are manufactured with a Automated High Capacity Machine and in a Dust Free Environment, Giving our Products an excellent finish & Quality.

We are one of the Largest HD Granules Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The HD Granuals are widely used in Injection Moulding Machines. We offer a variety of colors in HD Granules at the most competitive prices.

• HD Granules
• HD colour Granules
• HD Black Granules

  • Reprocessed HDPE granules
  • Colour HD granules
  • Red HD granules
  • Blue HD granules
  • Green HD granules
  • Yellow HD granules
  • White HD granules
  • Blue Drum HD granules
  • Coconut granules
  • LD granules
  • Black HD granules
  • Silver HD granules

We can Supply in Colour HD granules 20 Filter, Colour HD granules 40 Filter, Colour HD granules 60 Filter, Colour HD granules 80 Filter, Colour HD granules 100 Filter as per your needs and specifications.

We are a Reprocessed HD Granules, PP Granules Manufacturing Company and We assure you of Consistent Quality and regular supply. Contact us today to get your regular supply.